Parenting: Why Your Kids Should Love Reading

Why your kids should love reading or you could say the great benefits of reading!

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emille Buchwald

The world is increasingly becoming fast paced, with almost everyone engrossed in one social media activity or another. And this could have an impact on your kids as well. That is if parents do not make a conscious effort to instill certain healthy habits in their kids before they are all grown up! One productive habit every parent needs to inculcate in their precious child is reading.

Dictionaries often define reading as “the process of interpreting written language”.  But why don’t we change the status quo and just define reading as “having an interest in what is hidden in a book”!

Such a description will no doubt get your kids interested right from the word go. Be it big books, small books, colorful books, plain books, your child needs to grow into the habit of reading, and you as a parent have a vital role to play.

With the rise in technology, reading is no longer confined to traditional paperback books, but also on devices such as the Kindle Reader, making the prospect of reading even more exciting and dynamic to your child.

So, why do your kids need to love reading, and why should you as a parent instill such love?


  • Reading serves as an opportunity to have some bonding time with your child

Apart from making your child more knowledgeable, reading gives you as a parent an opportunity to have some quality time with your child. Usually, kids develop that love for reading when their parents take the time to buy them books and read it with them as well. Doing that not only makes you a hero in the eyes of your child, but also gives your child something to look forward to…some precious alone time with you.

  •  Builds your child’s vocabulary

In an era where the English Language was almost taken over by ‘broken text language’ such as ‘c u l8r’ and ‘I’ll b here 2moro’, it is has become increasingly important that kids have a firm grasp on their language, be it English or the mother tongue. Reading is a great way of building your child’s store of vocabulary, as it helps the child to make meaning of words and use them adequately in communicating with others. It eventually reflects in how they write as well, be it an essay or even a letter.

  • Instills the habit of exploration and discovery into your child

Well, an inquisitive child can be quite annoying at times, but it is far better for your child to always be excited about learning something new. Reading has a way of doing that to kids, as they are stimulated to always find out more. Asking questions when kids do not understand what they are reading, gives them an opportunity to build their knowledge. Which serves as an opportunity for you as a parent to teach your child a lesson or two. Plus, every parent is proud of a child who knows his stuff!

  •  Serves as a productive and healthy pastime

One thing you certainly won’t want for your child as a parent is for him or her to be idle. Not only does idleness have a way of making your child eventually lazy. It also may allow your kid to explore other options that may not necessarily be beneficial, such as watching unhealthy TV programs or spending time with the wrong kind of friends. Reading is a great solution to curbing idleness, as it is a fun way of boosting your child’s imagination whilst keeping them occupied.

  •  Reading enhances your child’s creativity and concentration

In a quest to grasp what exactly the book is talking about, kids often give whatever they are reading maximum attention, so they can finish satisfied and enlightened, of course so that they can also tell their friends about it. That’s another reason why your kids need to love reading, as their concentration levels are booste. A phenomenon that will prove very helpful in every aspect of life; be it in the classroom, the playground or eventually the workplace. Eventually your child will be able to think on his or her feet and perhaps even write a story or two!

Although reading is very important to your child’s development, the key to unlocking the treasures that lie in it is being mindful of the books your kids read. Whether a novel or comic book, you need to be sure it is wholesome enough for your child’s consumption.

Also, every child is unique in their own way and as such their rate of catching up varies. You as a parent need to be loving, patient and creative in instilling the love for reading in your child. Someday, they will certainly make you proud!

What are some of your children’s favourite books? Share with us!

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