Parenting: Six magic tips on how to have an organized week


Not only do you as a parent have to nurture your kids, you probably have to juggle your duties with other stuff, such as work, etc. The question is how can you balance all this in order to have an organized week? Here are some magic tips to help you in your ‘superhuman’ roles, to help keep your organizational game strong!



  • PLAN

Before you can carry out your duties, you need to work out a simple plan, so you do not feel overwhelmed by what you have to do. Ideally, Sundays are the best time to plan, especially if you do not work on that day. It’s a time to just take a seat, grab a pen and piece of paper, (or in these days of technology, your phone or tablet) and outline what you intend to do in the coming week.

This has a way of reducing the clutter, and giving you a clear mind with which to launch into the week.


An advantage of planning is that it helps you to identify some of the stuff you may need to do away with. For instance if you are in a tight corner between going to shop for groceries and making it for your child’s school competition, you can then choose which one is more pressing, or perhaps even apportion the time adequately to be able to make it for both. At the end of the day, it all starts with getting your priorities right, so you can have a super-organized week and even get some rest for yourself! It’s time to take a critical look at that plan and shed off some load!


More often than not, it’s easier to write down our plans but not actually follow through with them. This especially happens when the New Year is just around the corner! However, the buck doesn’t stop at putting your plans into writing…you actually need to follow through; in other words, put the plans into action. As they always say, “Actions speak louder than words.” In order to feel the power and impact of your plan you need to implement it so you can know what exactly works for you and how you can further tailor your plans to suit you. It’s only when you follow through that you are able to answer questions such as “Was my plan effective?”, “Can I work with it as a daily routine?” etc.




One beautiful thing about life is that we do not always have to face it alone. In order to help tone down the roller coaster feeling, you could explore the option of partnering with others, be it your spouse, siblings, parents etc. to help ease the load. For instance if you have a work deadline to beat but also need to pick up your kid from school, you could use it as a golden opportunity for your child to get closer to their grandparents, aunt etc., by letting them go and pick him or her up. Of course, you need to make up for it by getting some quality time with your child after, be it by reading a storybook together, watching a healthy kids programme, amongst others.


Kids love to feel important, especially when Mum and Dad make them feel so. In your quest to be more organized, there is a great opportunity to get closer to your kids and make them more responsible. For instance, Friday is Market Day and you feel so exhausted that you know you can’t do all the shopping on your own. You can get your daughter(s) involved by letting them help in drawing up the market list and going with you to the market to help you carry a few shopping bags and make a few money calculations. Not only is this a great bonding time, but a lovely teaching experience for your kids as well.


Although being organized often means being up and about, it is important that you squeeze in some time to just get some rest. This could be in simple forms such as taking a thirty-minute nap, or just relaxing to soothing music when your kids are asleep. This has a way of rejuvenating you and giving you a clearer mind to start the whole week again. You’re the superhero of your home, and need to refuel in order to regain your energy and ‘save the day’!


Ultimately, being organized is the key to keeping you at the top of your game, especially as a parent. What are your plans for the week? Are they too cluttered or they are just the perfect tools you need in getting yourself organized? More importantly, are your kids involved in your plans?

Have an organized week!

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