How to help your kid make and keep excellent New Year resolutions

make and keep new year resolutions

So today we are going to share on how to make our kids pen down awesome resolutions for the year. And these new year resolutions must surely be followed to the letter, and not just be a white elephant to look on as the year goes by. RIGHT On!

So it’s been an amazing few weeks with you on the blog already, the holidays must have been awesome right? Just take the time to appreciate those lovely and hyperactive youngsters you have. Whose issues seem unending! Why don’t you make some hot chocolate or grab an ice cream to relax as you read this. And oh, It’s just a quick read, just read on!


The first step is to explain to them the meaning and importance of making new year resolutions

If you believe in Santa Claus, you could explain that having resolutions will make Santa prepared to give them anything from their wish list. If you’re pretty religious, you can explain to them using your religious doctrines to explain the importance of setting goals and living it. For the older kids however, a promise to increase their allowance is a great tool of motivation to help them make their resolutions a reality.

Let’s move on to how to help them make good New Year resolutions.


As earlier stated, you must be able to inspire them to want to make new year resolutions by explaining to them the concept, and amazing benefits of making and keeping them a reality. Like sweets to the tongue, let them know that resolutions are an awesome way of keeping track and being more matured. You could even chip in some of your own resolutions to boost their inspiration buds to make resolutions

The next step is to BREAK IT DOWN

Which kid will honestly sit and write resolutions for twelve months in a year? Certainly not many will. Rather break it down by the month, teach them to break down the resolutions per month and fix a reward at the end of each month to keep them going. A perfect example of such a monthly breakdown may be as follows;

These are Kuukua’s resolutions per month; she is about 5years old already, so this is a practical resolution table to copy from. This may however differ from age to age and with respect to their individual abilities as children.


·         Save 10cedis for the month

·         Learn how to brush my teeth

·         Learn to tie my shoelace

·         Give mummy, daddy, and baby Sessy hugs every day



·         Save 15cedis for the month

·         Have a personal piggy bank

·         Learn to comb my hair neatly

·         Smile at anyone as much as I can


And always remember to MAKE IT FUN

Add a little fun to the making of resolutions; get them diaries, color pens, glitter pens, colored paper and many more to make that boring white sheet of paper look awesome. Always remember that unlike adults, children do not have long attention span, so a lot of colorful and glittering ink on their resolution pages will always and almost catch their attention, a perfect example is Kuukua’s table that has different colors for different months.


As a parent, yours is to help them only, not make the resolutions for them, so allow their creativity to go wild! And trust this.

Their resolutions may throw you off balance with laughter, or just amaze you to the nth degree.

Remember to motivate them with the right things to make them mature and bring out the creative genius within them. One vital thing is to set a monthly reminder to review the resolutions and make sure you the parent keep yours as well.

No one ever achieved anything with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February. Small steps before giant leaps, the time is now to help your kid shape a great life.

Find more tips here! Till very soon, it’s been awesome with you here.

You can drop in the comment box below any tips you may as well know of!



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