How to Care for a Ghanaian Child’s Hair

Ghanaian Child's Hair

Children’s hair is a tricky task. How you take care of a Ghanaian child’s hair depends on the type of hair that he or she has and the activity level of the child. Through trial and error, you can develop a hair care routine that works. It’s important to create healthy hair habits early on.

Most Ghanaian parents put so much pressure on themselves when it has to do with taking care of their child’s hair. This is due to the fact that, there is so much information available when it comes to taking care of a child’s hair hence making it hard for parents to know where to start from.

The reality on the ground is, whether your child was born with a full head of hair or just a few strands, you don’t really have to do much when it comes to taking care of it. Below are some tips to help put you on the right path to giving your child’s hair the best of care.

  1. Use sulphate-free children’s shampoo on your child’s hair



Children have very sensitive scalps. They also have very soft skulls which are still developing. In view of this, it is not advisable to use the same hair products you use for your child’s hair. The chemicals in such products which include sulphate are too strong for the soft skull of your child as it will cause irritation and burns on the child’s scalp. Sulphate-free shampoos are made with the child in mind hence are the best shampoos suitable for your child’s hair.


  1. Do not over wash your child’s hair.


Keeping your child clean is very important due to the sensitive nature of a child’s skin. It is however not advisable to wash your baby’s hair every time he or she takes a shower. You can wash it probably once or twice weekly. Over-washing your child’s hair would cause dryness, making it difficult for your child’s hair to grow.


  1. Apply a little oil to your child’s hair after washing

Credit: Popsugar

Picture Credit: Popsugar

Virgin olive oil is the best option when it comes to applying oil to your child’s hair. Apart from the fact that it helps maintain moisture in your child’s hair, it also helps in the growth of your child’s little afro hair. Also remember not to overdo this. A sizeable amount is just perfect to give you the results you need.


  1. Resist the urge to style your child’s hair every day.


You and I know styling your child’s hair (especially the girls) can make them look very cute and lovely. If not checked, this urge will make you style your child’s hair every day, which is not the best. It’s better to leave your child’s hair alone for it to do “what it wants to do”. Manipulating your child’s hair day in day out can cause it to break and lose its natural feel. However, you can style you little angel’s hair when you are taking her to see granny, or on her birthday or on any other special occasion. The styling shouldn’t be tight and must be undone immediately after the event.

Do you have any tricks or tips when it comes to taking care of your Ghanaian child’s hair? Kindly share them with us in the comments below. You can also read on how to TEACH YOUR CHILD HEALTHY HAIR CARE HABITS.


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