The difference between a Kids salon and an Adult salon

The difference between a kids salon and an adult salon

Have you ever thought of how to get awesome hair care for your kids? And have some alone time in your own salon or go about your everyday activities? Then let’s take a drive down kids salon lane!

It feels like winter here in Ghana! Not entirely, but almost. I think it’s the earth trying to adjust the everyday Ghanaian senses to ‘borga’! Ok scratch that.


The prevalence of kids salon is relatively low as compared to the adult salons that you find in almost every nook and cranny. From the wooden and temporary structures in the hoods where local women provide services such as braiding, fixing weaves, washing the hair and touch ups, to the grand salons up in NYC where everything hair and nails is done!

There are obviously a lot of disparities between adult and kids salon. Let’s jump on and find out why! Come to think of this, adults are more complicated and aware of their looks; hence most adult salons are up to date with many modern gadgets which are pretty sophisticated. From drying lamps to assorted hair extensions and shampoo bowls, to relaxing chairs, and, this is because of the age, size, enhanced motor coordination which tends to make adult salons more complicated. With kids however, since they do not necessarily have the purchasing power, and are not as developed as adults, kids salons are less sophisticated and more child friendly to ensure that the kids are less jittery when getting their hair done.

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And trust this; kids salons are more serene and relaxing.

It’s nothing new to see various individuals catching up on issues, from political to emotional in adult salons. Kid salons are however relatively chaotic when the kids are around and large in number, screams and cries are nothing new in such salons, but kids salons are a great getaway to reminisce ones childhood and also relieve a lot of stress as they have amazing reactions and mannerisms which can seriously get you on the floor rolling and laughing out loud.

Kids salons are also less expensive!

Instead of caring for your child’s hair at the adult salon for the same high end price, why don’t you switch to the kids salon with awesome playthings and value for your money. You get to save more money for awesome hairstyles and haircuts too. And your little ones get to be doted on for the awesome hairdos and cuts like the angels they are.

The difference between a kids salon and an adult salon

And mind you, kids salons are just ah-mazing to the core, why’d you send your child to an adult salon where there’s a lot of chatter about so many adult stuff which the older people will find interesting, but is Greek to the kids. Just drop your kid off to the kids salon where there’s more fun and also helps shape the mind of the child. With various educative and fun activities like play pens, balloons, barney cartoons, and the good old marvel comics to bring out the superhero within them.

The difference between a kids salon and an adult salon

Now don’t get too awed with this read already. This is the real bomb! Apart from the everyday routine jobs done at salons, kids salons offer a wide and great scope for the kids to socialize and even make lifelong friends as well. With the presence of many kids at the salon, your child will not lack playmates at all, as it’s possible for you to meet other mothers as well whose children are likely to end up as playmates and lifelong friends!

So the next time you think of carrying your child to your salon, Pause.

The difference between a kids salon and an adult salon

And rethink! Then send those awesome children of yours to where they can belong and to save you a great headache too!

P.S Just a little reminder that Shea butter is in a comfortable lead this harmattan. Scratch that! LOL

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