7 tips on how to have a fun and amazing party for kids

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Oh, yummy cake Oh delicious ice cream! Oh, how I love you.

Parties are (should be) merry and joyous, a time to eat all the candy cones and marshmallows, jelly and cotton candies. Oh yes. This piece is to help plan the best party for kids. With the new year comes another birthday and another graduation, so this will help take a lot of the headache that comes with planning awesome parties.

Jump on as we plan the best party of the year together! This party must incorporate all the activities and things that kids are thrilled about. And so shall it be


A dessert table is surely a must have. That glorious table of all the heavenly wonders in a kids world will be so amazing. Fill the table with colorful party cups and candy straws filled with assorted drinks. Candy is a very necessary item on the list to get the kids excited and hyper as well. Cupcakes, biscuits and much more can be added to the table to turn it into a fountain of joy.

Instead of the traditional candy, however, you could rather have homemade fruit cones dipped in honey and milk as a healthier alternative. Decorate the dessert table to make it kid friendly by stacking Mickey Mouse and bunny shaped cookies to complement with the drinks and cover with colorful decorations as well.


Another great option is to get crafty and messy! Kids love the disorder.from splattered paint to flour flying all over the roof, the kids will be so much in awe and give you a thumbs up! now, just wipe that look from your face. Rather than having them randomly mess up the room or venue, you can create a craft space for them.to make this turn into a fun filled activity, you can turn it into a challenge for the kids to scribble and draw or paint on a piece of artists paper.the kids may even take turns scribbling along with music much for a more fun can actually be had by getting the kids to make gifts for each other, in that way you teach them to value friendship and relationships positively.


A night of a plethora of rhymes can break the ice on the coldest day. You can get the kids to sing old songs to each other and please teach them the lyrics rightly! Before they end up singing oh how I love you Christmas tree like me. Another great way is to sing these songs as guests arrive. The kids will love the parts where they can scream their heads off and make a lot of Noise, Just the way they love it.


Face painting cannot be overlooked. With permission from the guardians of the kids, kids will have the opportunity to paint their faces according to their favorite superheroes and favorite cartoon characters. As Jack Sparrow will say, this will definitely be,’ Savvy’! Get the kids to paint their faces and they can even role play and mimic other characters or act out their hearts to make the party Amazing!

party for kids face painting


There should be a gift table for everyone to take gifts home, it could be a candy designed with ribbons. To go with the gift table is a gift wheel designed with all the gifts on the gift table.So when anyone wins any competition they spin the wheel to choose a gift, this will spice up every aspect of the party and be fun especially when the wheel starts slowing down.


Music is the spice of any person’s Life. So don’t forget to drop some good tunes to make the kids have an amazing climax at the party. Just play any good tune and get the kids to dance and make merry. You can even incorporate the age-old dancing chairs to the music aspect to create a healthy competition amongst the kids. These will cause their party to be a memorable and interesting party for your kids.


Make your party truly unforgettable and crown all your planning efforts with a conducive atmosphere for kids. A location can be transformed with decoration or an arena can be rented that is ready-made for kids to have ultimate fun like the KidzCottage arena.

Kidzcottage Playground

You are good to go! Don’t forget to Join The Conversation and let’s know what you think as well!

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